If you have a catch or photos that you wish to share we'll publish them here. Please send the details and any pictures to, together with any information such as captors name, weight, species, date, time, location, bait, method etc...


Date: 6th October 2016 Venue: Pit 1, Reydon

Clive Partridge getting to grips with the pit one carp

Date: 8th September 2016 Venue: Pit 1, Reydon

Ricky Dye with a superb pit 1 specimen

Date: October 2015 Venue: Pit 1, Reydon

October Carp, Tench and Bream on Number 1, caught by Barry Reid and Ray (Bubbles) Turner. Below Ray shows off part of his 65lb catch


Date: February 2014 Venue: Pit 1, Reydon

Jed Gerrell with an end of season Fully Scaled Mirror.

Date: February 2014 Venue: Pit 2, Reydon

A nice end of season Mirror.



Date: 26th July 2012 Venue: Pit 3, Reydon

A mixed bag of Tench and Rudd taken by Samuel Wink on maggots and Luncheon Meat. A number of large Perch were seen attacking fry in the middle of the pond.


Date: 2012 End of season Venue: Ellingham, River Waveney

2 end of season chub from the societies Ellingham stretch of the River Waveney caught by Barry Reid. Both came from short 2 hour sessions with the first at 4lb 10oz and the second 4lb 6oz and fell to luncheon meat.

Date: 14/01/2012 Venue: Reydon?


Date: 2012? Venue: Reydon Pit 1


Date: 2012? Venue: Reydon Pit 1



Date: 2012? Venue: Reydon



Date: 6th June 2010 Venue: Kessingland

Part of a haul of over 50 fish for Buster Honeywood. The catch of Rudd and Perch up to a pound were taken in only 2 hours on bronze maggots. This Tench was the biggest of the day and weighed in at 3lb.

Buster and tench

Date: 11th August 2008 Venue: Denny Lake (Pit 4)

Another catch for Lewis Barnes, aged 4 years, who caught a 15lb 8 oz Mirror Carp from Reydon Pits No 4. He caught it on his own rod and reel using a white chocolate boilie. This is the first time he has fished on this pit! Lewis also recently caught a good sized Tench from Pit 1, once again on his first visit.
Lewis's father Robert said "...he has done better than me, makes you wonder who is teaching who!!!!!"

Lewis and carp

Date: 14th July 2008 Venue: Sherwood Water

Lewis and Tench

Lewis Barnes, aged 4, with a Tench of 5lb 10ozs, caught on his own rod and reel while fishing with his dad Robert!

Date: 16th June 2008 Venue: Sherwood Water

Member Paul Buck shows off a fine 21lb 7oz Mirror taken on the opening day of the season from Sherwood Water, one of the Society's day ticket waters, using a pop up boiley.

Paul with carp

Date: 7th July 2007 Venue: Kingfisher Lake

Steve Mahoney with his personal best 3lb 13oz Tench caught on pellet as part of a mixed net of Tench and Skimmers.

Steve with tench

Date: 29th June 2007 Venue: Kessingland

Two Ide caught by Barry Reid, part of his Summer Series match winning bag. The biggest weighed in at 15 1/2 ozs. Both were caught on the waggler.

Barry with 2 Ide

Date: 29th June 2007 Venue: Kessingland

Derek Thompson with a nice Perch caught during the Friday evening match at Kessingland.

Derek with Perch

Date: 16th June 2007 Venue: Sherwood Water

Bubbles Turner with a nice 3lb 2oz opening day Tench from the recently restocked Sherwood Water.

Bubble with tench

Date: Unknown Venue: Denny Lake (Pit 4)

Andrew Reid with 2 Pit 4 Carp captures.

Andy with mirror carp

Andy with common carp

Date: 1st October 2006 Venue: Kessingland

The best fish of a memorable day for Buster Honeywood (left), Samuel Wink (right) and Andy (centre - with a new PB .... for Kessingland!). The weather consisted of thunder storms, plenty of rainbows and sunny spells which all contributed to maintaining the boys interest through the afternoon! The little mirror fell to two maggots. Other species landed were gudgeon, perch and rudd.

Photo of Buster, Andy and Sam



Date: 26th September 2006 Venue: Henham Dairy Pond
4lb 8oz Mirror Carp caught by Sylvia Poulson on Mussel Pellets.
Apparently her best fish ever!

Sylvia's Best Carp



Date: Unknown Venue: Reydon, Denny Lake (Pit 4)

Andrew Reid with a 16lb 5oz Common Carp part of 10 fish catch of 109lb (10 doubles) 3 Mirrors, 7 Commons.The fish pictured is the waters record Common.




Date: 28th September 2002 Venue: River Waveney, Shipmeadow

Harry Moore with his record Bream weighing 5lb 3oz. 

Harry with bream



Date: 16th June 2002 Venue: Buss Creek

Mike Stannard with a Buss Creek Chub from Peg 6. Floatfished Luncheon meat, a 20 foot rod, 4lb line and size 14 hook the winning combination.

Mike with chub



Date: 13th March 2002 Venue: River Waveney, Wainford Mill

Steve clarke with his record 5lb 6oz chub from Wainford Mill caught just a day before the end of the 2001/2 season

Steve with chub



Date: 18th November 2001 Venue: River Waveney at Wainford

Harry Moore with a nice River Waveney Bream.

Harry with bream


Date: July 1999 Venue: Buss Creek

Paul Youngman with a 6lb 10oz Bream. Paul fished in the margins with trout pellet presented on a size 14 hook to 3lb line. This fish came at about 8.45pm and was one of four fish for a total weight of 24lb 6oz. caught in the main section of the Creek. This followed another impressive catch of 14 Tench and Bream for 46lb. These again came from the margins but from the short section of the Creek and on cockles.

Paul with bream