Match Reports


Summer Series

Sun 22nd May Kessingland
1st Steve Hurren 16lb 14oz.
2nd Paul manthorpe 11lb 3oz.
3rd Alan Morrison 4lb 13oz.

Sun 5th June Pit 1 as Pit 3 too weedy.
1st David Forrester 44lb 12oz.
2nd Steve thrower 13lb 14oz.
3rd Alan Morrison 11lb 8oz.
No juniors attended so no junior carp winner.

Fri 17th June Pit 2.
1st David Forrester 8lb 13oz.
2nd Alan Morrison 7lb 11oz.
3rd Jim Bunn 7lb 5oz.

Sun 3rd July Pit 1.
1st David Forrester 33lb 12oz.
2nd Steve Hurren 31lb 7oz.
3rd Steve Collins 30lb 14oz.
Peter Sherwood bowl winner David Forrester


Winter Series

Sat 7th November
First match of winter series took place at Henstead fishery and after their hard work conditions were no where near as sloppy as last year.
Disappointingly there were only 3 anglers.
Result was:-
1st David ling 33lb 11oz.
2nd David Forrester 9lb 5oz.
3rd Alan Morrison 4lb 1oz.

5th December
1st David Forrester 40lb 4oz.
2nd David Ling 12lb 8oz.
3rd Paul Manthorpe 8lb 1oz.
David Forrester wins Xmas fayre cup.

Third match 9th Jan cancelled due to lack of anglers.

6th February
1st Paul manthorpe 16lb  9oz.
2nd David Ling     14lb 14oz including a 10lb 14oz carp.
3rd David Forrester 8lb 13oz.

Winner of Last Gasp trophy Paul Manthorpe.

Overall winter series result

1st place David Ling  61lb  1oz.
2nd David Forrester   58lb  6oz.
3rd Paul manthorpe   24lb 10oz.

W.G.Denny Senior Accumulator Cup which is best 3 summer plus best 2 winter weights combined with a weight of 171lb 6oz is David Forrester.

Summer Series

Sat 23rd May Kessingland
For this one as the membership book only dropped through peoples doors on the morning of this match as many people as possible were contacted.
1st Paul Manthorpe 10lb.
2nd Alan Morrison 4lb 12oz
3rd David ling 3lb 5oz.

Fri 5th June. Pit 3
Thanks Alan Morrison for running this.
1st Paul Manthorpe 6lb 12oz
2nd Jim Bunn 5lb 2oz
3rd Alan Morrison 3lb 15oz
The Randolph junior trophy was available on this match but no juniors attended.

Sat 20th June Pit 1.
1st David Ling 40lb 9oz
2nd David Forrester 24lb 13oz
3rd Paul Manthorpe 24lb 4oz
3 trophies on offer in this match
- The ladies cup but no ladies attended
- The Junior Challenge Cup but no juniors attended
- The Peter Sherwood memorial was won by David Ling.

Fri 3rd July Kingfisher Lake (Pit 2)
1st David ling 11lb
2nd Steve thrower 7lb 5oz
3rd Alan Morrison 4lb
3rd Jim bunn 4lb
We welcomed new member Rob Wilson.

12th July Sherwood Water (Pit 1)
1st David Forrester 73lb 4oz
2nd David Ling 29lb 15oz
3rd Steve thrower 26lb 8oz
Think we can all agree an excellent weight for David Forrester with a mixed bag of carp, tench and bream.
The total combined weight for the match was 174lb 10oz.
The junior carp trophy was available on this match but again no juniors fished.

1st August Kessingland.
1st David Forrester 10lb 5oz.
2nd Paul Manthorpe 8lb 6oz
3rd Steve thrower 4lb 5oz.
The senior challenge cup was available on this match congratulations David Forrester.
Also thanks to Alan Morrison for that match as I couldn't attend.

15th August Pit 1. Last open match for summer series.
1st David Forrester 23lb 12oz
2nd Paul Manthorpe 13lb 1oz.
3rd Steve thrower 12lb.

Overall Summer Series result of best 5 weights combined.
1st David Forrester 135lb 12oz. Congratulations!
2nd David ling 93lb 1oz.
3rd Paul Manthorpe 79lb 14oz.

12th September Committee/bailiff cup.
5 attended on a wet and windy day.
1st David ling 7lb 3oz.
2nd Barry Reid 6lb 11oz.
3rd Archie McLean 5lb 4oz.
Unfortunately it was a no carp match and Archie McLean landed a stunning 10lb 4oz common on no. 7 elastic.



Winter Series

15th November - Cancelled

6th December
5 anglers fishing on a cold crisp frosty morning at Henstead finished as follows:-
1st David ling 16lb 6oz.
2nd Paul Manthorpe 10lb 8oz.
3rd Steve thrower 9lb 9oz.

10th January - Cancelled due to bad weather

7th February
1st David ling 14lb 2oz
2nd Paul Manthorpe 10lb 13oz
3rd Steve thrower 8lb 10oz

28th February
After work has taken place on the venue it was yet another muddy walk to a blustery lake.
The results were as follows:-
1st Paul Manthorpe 30lb 1oz including a 9lb 6oz carp
2nd David ling 12lb 3oz
3rd Archie McLean 11lb 14oz

The 4th and final match for the winter series took place on 14th March.
Henstead was shut but with permission we were allowed to fish.
1st Paul Manthorpe 35lb 1oz.
2nd Steve thrower 24lb 9oz.
3rd Archie McLean 16lb 6oz Inc 9lb 5oz carp.

Winter Series Final standings for best 3 weights were:-
1st Paul Manthorpe 75lb 15oz.
2nd Steve thrower 42lb 12oz.
3rd David ling 42lb 11oz.

Overall summer series result:
1st Paul Manthorpe 33lb 15oz
2nd Steve thrower 20lb 12oz
3rd David Forrester 18lb 15oz.

Match Secretary David Lings personal reaction to the summer series was that it was good to get some new faces but there was disappointment that there were no juniors at all.
There will be a change for next season which will see more 5 hour Saturday matches and less 3 hour Friday matches.


2nd August 2008, Junior Open, Sherwood Water

SDFAPS held their annual Junior Open Fishing Tournament on the Saturday morning of 2nd August 2008 on Sherwood Water (Pit 1), Reydon. The turnout was rather disappointing although the eleven entrants, aged between 9 and 16, closely supervised by parents and friends, all had a good bag of fish. Each entrant was presented with a ‘goody bag’ to the value of approx. £13 containing 1 packet brown crumb (kindly donated by the Southwold Angling and Pet Food Centre) plus an assortment of angling equipment. Purdy’s Newsagents kindly donated crisps and coke.

The prizes were presented by Mr. G.Denny, President of SDFAPS, and were purchased from the Southwold Angling and Pet Food Centre who were very generous in heavily discounting their prices.

Overall winner

Callum Walchester, aged 16 years, with a weight of 7lb.12½ozs

Individual Age Group Winners

5 years and under - no entries
6-9 yrs - Brer Cornish, aged 9 years, with a weight of 1lb.11ozs
10-13 - Keiren Colby, aged 12 years, with a weight of 4lb. 3½ozs
14-16 - Sam Oxley, aged 15 years, with a weight of 3lb. 12½ozs

Each winner received a fishing rod.

Thanks are extended to all members who staged this event.



4th August 2007, Junior Open, Sherwood Water, 10.45-1.45pm.

Overall winners
1st  - Aiden Goldsmith 4lb.4ozs age 11 yrs. Won a Browning rod and a reel
2nd - Charlie Clark 2lb 6ozs age 6 yrs. Won a John Wilson Quiver Tip rod and a reel
3rd  - Ryan Glazer 2lb 1oz age 12 yrs. Won a John Wilson Quiver Tip rod

Individual Age Group Winners
5 years and under - Samuel Wink age 5 yrs. 1lb 15ozs
6-9 yrs Joint winners - Andy Burden and Stephen Clark. Both 1lb 11ozs and age 9 years
10-13 yrs Joe Dowsing 1lb 3 1/2 ozs. 

Before starting each child was given a 'goody' bag containing a float, disgorger, leger weight, packet of hooks, packet of crisps and a tin of coke. The prizes were purchased from Sam Hooks who were very generous in discounting their prices and they also donated a Shakespeare tackle box.

Junior Open Contestants 2007

Junior Open 2007 Junior Open 2007
Junior Open Weigh-in 2007 Junior Open Weigh-in 2007
Junior Open Weigh-in 2007 Junior Open Weigh-in 2007
Junior Open Weigh-in 2007 Junior Open prize giving 2007
Junior Open Weigh-in 2007 Junior Open Weigh-in 2007
Junior Open Weigh-in 2007 Junior Open Weigh-in 2007
Junior Open Weigh-in 2007 Junior Open Weigh-in 2007

27th July 2007, Summer Series, Kingfisher Lake 6-9pm.
The penultimate Southwold & District FAPS evening Summer Series match was fished on the clubs Kingfisher Lake but the expected quality Tench failed to show leaving Derek Thompson to take the honours with a winning weight of 5lb 7oz. Steve Hurren and Eric Peak took second and third places respectively with all three top bags containing roach, rudd and small tench around the 3 to 4 ounce mark, another positive sign that the water conditions are encouraging successful breeding.

21st July 2007, Leiston Youth Club Angling Section Harold Baskett Match, Sherwood Water

The above match was fished by eighteen members and several of the juniors were accompanied by their parents to assist both the anglers and the club bailiffs. Though a dry day conditions were hampered by a fairly strong cross wind but a good day was had by all and we appreciated the hospitality afforded us by the SDFAPS. 

Sherwood Water was a challenge for some of our younger anglers as they had not fished such deep water before. A few of the anglers blanked but the top weight was 6lb 2ozs. As a member of SDFAPS I had noticed myself that my catches had diminished in the preceding week but hoped the boys and girls would fair better than they did having indicated to them what an excellent venue it is. Having said that the general opinion was that they had a great day and would do it all again. In fact several of the youngsters have intimated an interest in returning on day ticket with their parents and also applying for membership having seen the excellent facilities available at Reydon and the other club venues.

1st David Buggs 6.2lbs
2nd Harry Harvey 4.25lbs
3rd Sophie Gissing 2.4lbs

Again may I extend our sincere thanks to the committee of SDFAPS for allowing us the use of Sherwood Water.

Malcolm C F Briggs – Bailiff LYCAS

13th July 2007, Summer Series, Sherwood Water 6-9pm.
Southwold & District FAPS member Derek Thompson thought he had the 3 hour evening match in the bag with his two Bream of of 5lb 10oz and 5lb 4oz adding to his net of Roach, Rudd and small Carp to give a weight of 17lb 2oz. That was until about 5 minutes from the end of the match when Peter Turrell latched into one of the resident specimens in Sherwood Water. Angler and tackle were tested to the limit as with seconds to go a 22lb 2oz Mirror took a liking to the pellet offering intended for Tench. This would have been difficult enough on a waggler rod but Peter was using a pole with number 14 elastic and a size 13 hook. The whistle went at 9pm and still Peter hung on. Cries of "stop posing" and "it's silver fish only" didn't break his concentration and the fish was landed well within the 10 minutes usually allowed for landing fish hooked before the final whistle. A relieved but jubilant Peter confessed, perhaps unsurprisingly, it to be the largest fish he had ever landed on a pole. Who said Friday 13th was unlucky? Jamie Hurren continued his high level point scoring with a nice 15lb bag made up mostly of Tench.

Peter Turrell with his carp
Peter Turrell's match winning carp.

7th July 2007, Committee Cup, Sherwood Water, 5-8pm.
The Societys committee match produced another cracking Tench from Sherwood Water to Rodney Goldsmith presenting a lobworm to tempt a fish of 5lb 12oz. Despite this it was not good enough to beat Barry Reids 10lb 2oz bag (mainly Roach and Rudd) or Paul Goldsmiths impressive 17lb 2oz of paste caught Tench in the three hour match.

Paul Goldsmith with his catch
Paul Goldsmiths match winning bag of Tench caught on float fished paste.

Barry Reids bag
Barry Reids 2nd place bag, mainly Roach with the odd Rudd and small
Tench and a single small home bred  Mirror Carp.

Rodney Goldsmiths Tench
Rodney Goldsmith with his Sherwood Water 5lb 12oz Tench caught on a hair rigged lobworm.

6th July 2007, Summer Series, Kingfisher Lake, 6-9pm.
This 3 hour summer series match on Kingfisher Lake was won by Jamie Hurren with 13lb 8oz of Tench and small Carp bringing his total tally to two firsts and a third in the series, clearly the man to beat. Paul Manthorpe again worked hard for his second place with 9lb 8oz of Roach and Rudd with Derek Thompson claiming third place with three small tench for 4lb 14oz. The match caught small Carp and reports of Skimmers coming to pleasure anglers indicate that the long slog to improve the conditions and food chain with the water might at last be paying off. There have been several reports of good quality Tench and Carp coming from the water since the start of the season.

29 June 2007, Summer Series, Kessingland, 6-9pm.
The second match in the Summer Series was fished at Kessingland with Barry Reid taking the honours with a weight of 6lb 5oz. Perhaps unusually, most of his fish came to Waggler fished maggot with the bulk of the weight being made up of Ide to just under the pound mark, a sign that they are doing well in the water. The largest, at 15 1/2oz is probably another Society record following hard on those produced for Tench and Bream in last weeks evening match at Reydon. Second and third places both fell to the pole with Derek Thompson boosting his catch of Rudd with a quality Perch.

22 June 2007, Summer Series, Sherwood Water, 6-9pm.
The first match on the re-stocked Sherwood Water provided a great competition with plentiful numbers of fish from a few ounces up to specimen quality.
Paul Manthorpe worked hard for his 14lb 5oz of Roach and Rudd whilst Peter Turrells tactic of fishing for Tench gave him 25lb 3oz. These were both seen off by Jamie Hurrens winning bag of 26lb 9oz which included a superb Tench of 5lb 15 1/2 oz beating the previously water record of 5lb 4oz (also held by Jamie). As if this wasn't enough his bag also included two quality Bream, one of 5lb 7oz taking the previously unclaimed water record. His winning margin would have been even higher had he not lost two Bream.


The Junior Open 2005-2006 was held on Sunday 21st August 11am-2pm.





Arthur Sullivan Trophy

2005 Away Day Taswood Fisheries

Sponsored by Angling Direct Suffolk

Taswood Lakes is a beautifully mature location with six or so lakes offering eleven species of fish to entertain the Angler in a wonderful wooded setting. Spring and Lapwing Lakes hold Carp, Tench, Bream, Roach, Perch, Crucians, Rudd and big Eels as Joe Turrell was to discover during the five hour match fished on the hottest day of the year with conditions suiting sunbathers more than match anglers.

With the fish likely to be sluggish it was a surprise to see Graham Belsey and Joe catching fish virtually from the 'off' but then good anglers can catch fish at any time of the day and so it proved with Joe finishing with 15lb 10oz and Graham 16lb 6oz. Virtually every peg on both lakes has a feature of some kind available for the angler either a lily pad, tree or island and suits pole fishing providing you are equipped with strong elastic to deal with the large head of carp up to eight pounds. Balancing tackle between catching the smaller Rudd, roach, perch or skimmer bream and bigger carp presents the competitors with the usual dilemma. Popular baits apart from maggot and caster include luncheon meat, sweet corn, pellet, floaters and worm.


Two different styles, on a day when it was so hot maggots were dying in the tubs. Above, Brian Mumford Waggler fishes under the shade of his umbrella whilst Paul Manthorpe, below, sweats it out on the pole.


Your correspondent had the unfortunate situation of having Joe and Graham on my left and Craig Evans to my right and they were all catching at regular intervals while I sat without a bite wondering what was wrong with my worm(!). Later I did have the satisfaction of landing a 2lb Perch which gave me a good scrap on light line. In Lapwing where the catch was dominated with Bream, Secretary Barry Reid proved that there was plenty of life left in the (very) old lad with a fourth place on 17lbs. With over 200lb of fish landed from both lakes in difficult conditions everyone seemed to enjoy the day in spite of the very hot weather. Thanks to Angling Direct Suffolk for their support of the event with a prize voucher. The first three members qualify for the East Anglian Daily Times Championship which will be fished at Sibton in September this year.

First Craig Evans (Guest )20lb 10oz
Second Mick Delf 18lb 12oz
Third Ivan Julings 18lb 10oz
Fourth Barry Reid 17lb Ooz

A visit to the Mermaid Inn at Hadenham on the way back rounded off a great day. Thanks to all who attended for your support including the two anglers who missed the coach back from the pub!


Archie (above left) presents the Arthur Sullivan Away Day Trophy to Mick Delf


Correspondent: Archie Maclean